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Do you feel your life is stagnant or out of sync?
Are you looking for change?

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Sometimes we go through life almost as if on automatic pilot mode – we do the same things day in and day out without really thinking. Maybe we’re so busy we don’t stop to think – we’re just accelerating through life trying to get things done. No wonder we’re feeling lost. We’re not taking the time to be nurtured.

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Our body, mind and spirit need to be nurtured each day if we want to feel at peace.

They also need to be aligned.

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Let’s compare it to the wheel alignment on a car. Pot holes, hitting a curb, bumping into concrete parking stalls, and just general wear and tear can cause the wheels to become misaligned. What does this mean? For one, your wheels aren’t pointing in the same direction. This in turns affects your steering. You also run the risk of a tire blow out, and ultimately your safety and the safety of those around you is in danger.

In a similar pattern, things that happen in life can cause a misalignment of our body, mind and spirit. It might be caused by something that’s out of our control, such as illness or other people’s choices, or within our control, such as poor choices of our own. That’s when we start feeling like we’re not sure of the future or ourselves. We might lose hope and feel a lack of purpose or direction in our life.

This is where the 21-Day Progress program can help.

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Miguel Martinez, President of MTClife Inc., and CEO of Wee Wigglers Corp. has been working with children, youth, parents and corporation across Canada for over 17 years.
By working for Fortune 500 companies, Miguel has learned the importance of providing tools and motivation to his participants.

Miguel is passionate about instilling soft skills at an early age. He has worked with the First Nations to bring active programs to their school, and has provided workshops for multiple school boards, namely Peel, Dufferin-Peel, Halton and Toronto, visiting over 100 schools on average each year.

Besides working with schools and churches, some of Miguel’s clients are Canadian Mental Health Association, PLASP, Tim Horton’s and Brampton Beasts, Brampton A’s, Peel Youth Village (YMCA), and regional police.

He’s been a keynote speaker to multiple conferences related to fitness, mental health and spiritual guidance.

His topics have been in the area of leadership, goal setting, self-worth, personal finances, the power of influence, bullying, having values, attitude, integrity, inner strength, and many more.
MTCLife programs are being taught in over 500 schools in Ontario with the sole purpose of “Fulfilling the measure of everyone’s creation”.

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