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“Miguel is an effective coach and has a natural ability to engage those he works with and increase their success in important endeavours. I am familiar with Miguel's efforts as a Mentor, Trainer and Coach and have also worked with Miguel in a community organization and have witnessed his remarkable results firsthand.”

-Scott Goobie, VP, Engineering, Bombardier Aerospace

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“Miguel is committed to continued growth and development in all facets of his life. His genuine interest in people and personal belief system is the basis for his ability to relate and ‘lift’ people, especially youth. He quickly establishes a ‘connection’ as a friend while standing as a role model, mentor, and coach. I have observed the positive impact he has made with both young men and young women over the last three years as we have worked together. Give him a chance and you will not be disappointed.”

-Bruce Beamer, Principal Consultant, Health Insights Limited

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“I have known Miguel for more than 14 years. One of the most striking features of Miguel is his ability to win people over and earn their trust almost immediately. He is charismatic and I have personally witnessed the impact he makes with young people, earning their attention and trust effortlessly. Miguel never talks down to, but rather talks with youth. He is an incredible speaker and friend and any organization would be wise in contracting his services to inspire, motivate and instill good principles to their members. I do not hesitate in endorsing Miguel as a professional and as a person.

-Fulvio Martinez, Partner and Creative Director, Alliance Works Consultants

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"Miguel Martinez is a talented dance instructor. On several occasions he was a guest instructor for our lunch time dance clubs. He instructed large groups of students, teachers and parents volunteers in the gym. Miguel's Zumba lesson were fun and easy for beginning dancers to follow. Miguel's motto "just keep moving" kept all the kids active for thirty minutes and taught them that dance is just about having fun, moving around and being healthy.

-Collen Lowry, Principal, Conestoga Public School

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"I have worked with Miguel Martinez for about 3 years on various projects. He has always been reliable, dependable and well organized… Miguel is a genuinely a nice person and is honest in all his dealings. Due to his dynamic personality and natural enthusiasm, everyone had a great time."

-Shaena Peterson, Young Women's President, The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-Day Saints

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"As a guest speaker, Miguel shared his experience growing up as a youth and what worked for him to make changes in his life… A 99% satisfaction rate was achieved for this presentation. Participants shared that they would like to see Miguel return as a guest speaker at Peel Youth Village. They expressed that they felt the presentation was organized, easy to understand, practical and interesting"

-Sasha Williams, Acting Manager, Peel Youth Village

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"Miguel is an amazing man who inspires youth to make the most of their lives. His presentations have the ability to change lives and motivate people to reach their potential and become effective leaders. I strongly, and proudly, recommend Miguel's inspirational presentations for any audience"

-Mac Strachan, Student, Eastview Secondary School

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"As a result of Miguel's presentation the students in my class took the initiative to use on of Miguel's message from "The Power of One" and implement it at Eastview.

Inspired by Miguel, one student led the class to cut out paper hearts and on these hearts write personal compliments to other students in the school. The hearts were then taped all over the students's lockers so when they opened their locker they would have a kind message to read. It was touching to see all the students participating in this activity, to see the hearts throughout the hallway. This was all as a result of Miguel's presentation"

-Katie Cain, Teacher, Eastview Secondary School

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"Miguel conducted a workshop for the Heavy Equipment Co-op class at Bear Creek S.S., on self-esteem and confidence in ones self. He demonstrated good organizational skills, interacts well with students, and demonstrates a professional relationship with other staff and students. Miguel has the ability to relate well with adolescents"

-Wes Smith, Co-op Teacher, Bear Creek Secondary School