This new style of teaching uses Rhythm & Movement (game play), as tools to connect with participants. Understanding we instinctively move our bodies as a means of communication, we successfully deliver powerful workshops.

Using the “Three Learners”

•Visual learners
•Auditory learners

•Kinesthetic/Tactual learners

Using the “Three Learners”, we have created sessions & workshops where we discuss and develop life skills (3 Fold Mission)

Movement and music are some of the means we use in delivering essential content in a way that encourages healthy, physical development while reinforcing virtues.

All workshops are tailored to fit the needs of the organization and participants. Businesses and Governments spend thousands of dollars annually in developing leaders; the key to doing this successfully is the “how”.

Our 5 Star Formula (L.A.B.) has been a proven success in changing hearts & lives. There are two fundamental needs every human desires – the need To Belong and the need To Progress

To fulfill these two needs, one must understand how a mind works. Once understood, you can use triggers to create healthy habits. Much like the ice cream truck music creates a desire for ice cream, you can do the same to fulfill an organization’s needs.

All workshops are designed to carry out challenges, takeaways, commitments, and triggers - triggers will create healthy habits, and healthy habits lead to success.